PPL/IR Europe - home for pilots across Europe interesting in instrument flying

Welcome to PPL/IR Europe

Our Community

We have members from all over Europe (including the United Kingdom), operating GA aeroplanes under EASA, FAA and UK-CAA licences. We support each other in our flying aspirations, share knowledge and experiences, and, of course, enjoy communal flying.  Membership is open to any GA pilot interested in operating light aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in Europe, whether you already hold an instrument qualification or are exploring this option.

Our Vision

An environment across Europe where GA aeroplane pilots who aspire to travel have the opportunity through:

  • - the appropriate flight crew qualification;
  • - the necessary aircraft capability;
  • - sufficient access to European airspace.

Our Mission

To help the community of European GA pilots to go further in their aircraft, both safely and enjoyably. To this end, we:

  • - foster collaboration between our members;
  • - work towards proportionate regulation at European level.