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Iceland 2016
Graham Whittle on his 2016 trip to Iceland in his Cessna 206 complete with hot thermal baths into which he took a quick plunge.
17 Nov 2017 Graham Whittle 4553
Summertime in Heidelberg (Sept 2015)
PPL/IR Europe social weekend in June 2015
18 Nov 2015 Collin Williamson 2202
Colmar—Social Weekend 2014
Axel-Stéphane's first escapade with PPL/IR Europe since joining a few months before the trip.
21 Dec 2014 Axel-Stéphane Smørgrav 2174
An Iberian Odyssey (Oct 2013)
A trip through Southern France, Spain and Portugal
18 Dec 2014 William Roberts 2126
Normandy Beaches (Aug 2013)
Three days of fabulous weather, fascinating sightseeing and gourmet food
18 Dec 2014 Anthony Bowles 1898
Touring in Africa (August 2016)
Around two or three PPL/IR Europe members make a significant journey to Africa each year.
29 Aug 2016 Anthony Bowles and Phil Caiger 2379
Whisky Tour (Translated from Original German Text) (June 2015)
A translation of PPL / IR member Wolfgang Schütz' article about his Scotland tour appeared in Instrument Pilot 105.
10 Jun 2015 Web Editor 2746
Kenyan Safari (Aug 2014)
Kenya in a Beech Bonanza
21 Dec 2014 Anthony Bowles 2565
17-25 June 2005 Five islands tour
Twenty-one participants in ten aircraft had signed up to this trip.
26 Nov 2005 Jeff Pearce 2386
Across the North Atlantic from Gloucester to Tulsa in a light aircraft (Feb 2014)
Why on earth would you want to do such a thing?
20 Dec 2014 John Shannon and Steven Day 5936
Fairoaks to Cannes IFR (Oct 2013)
Geoff van Klaveren recounts his first long distance IFR flight from Fairoaks to Cannes in July 2010
18 Dec 2014 Geoff van Klaveren 2554
Tour of Scandinavia 28 June 2008
The 2008 PPL/IR Europe trip to the north of Scandinavia and into the Arctic Circle was as described - PPL flyers in IR conditions. 
01 Sep 2008 Mark Goodey 2387
3-5 Aug 2007 Tempelhof Berlin fly-out
A social fly out with a range of aviation and tourist related events, group dinner, group visit of the historic Tempelhof airfield.
19 Mar 2007 Alan South 2370
May 2007 Anyone for Morocco?
Nigel Everett recounts his travels to Morocco
01 Jul 2007 Nigel Everett 1870
June 2006 Sicily and Tunisia
As soon as ‘volunteers’ were called for this trip to Sicily and Tunisia, it was oversubscribed almost immediately.
01 Nov 2006 Jeff Pearce 1893
Sept 2005 Roskilde fly-out
A feast for the eyes and a challenge for delicate digestions.
27 Nov 2005 Jeff Pearce 2340
Corsicily '09 (March 2010)
Frustrated by weather? First, get a bright and shiny new IR. Then plan an IFR trip to Sicily with Cannes, Sardinia and Malta ‘along the way’
01 Mar 2010 Sean Harding 2643
Trip to Granada (Jan 2009)
This article describes an IFR (airways) flight from Shoreham (EGKA) in the UK to Granada (LEGR) in Spain.
01 Jan 2009 Peter Holy 1803
Flying safari in southern Africa (Jan 2009)
A 12 day self-fly safari up through Botswana and Zambia before returning to the Republic of South Africa.
01 Jan 2009 Steve Dunnett 2036
A bit over the top - Navigating the North Pole (July 2008)
01 Jul 2008 Timothy Nathan 1689


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