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Liberty / Discovery XL-2 (Oct 2016)
Long Range Trainer / Tourer
30 Dec 2016 Jean-Michel Karr 4837
Cessna P210N “Silver Eagle” (Aug 2016)
A niche aircraft
28 Aug 2016 David Weston 4594
Cirrus SR22 (May 2016)
All in all it is a great aircraft. It is a joy to both fly and operate, not cheap but if you have the opportunity, then you should certainly give it a try.
22 Aug 2016 Charles Atha 2818
Mooney M20M Bravo (Sept 2015)
Ben Hines tells us about his Mooney and its pros and cons.
16 Nov 2015 Ben Hines 3441
Socata TB21 Trinidad (Dec 2014)
With the aim of flying more hours and more instrument flights, looking for a high performance single.
21 Dec 2014 Paul Turner 5245
Moving to a Mirage (Nov 2012)
Jason Carley describes His route to a PA46 Mirage
17 Dec 2014 Jason Carley 2087
Gaining TB20 KLN94 GPS approach approval (FAA) (July 2012)
Peter Holy describes both the technical and bureaucratic aspects of gaining this approval
15 Jun 2014 Peter Holy 2692
Transitioning to a Jetprop (Sep 2011)
In this article, based on the presentation given to the AGM of the PPLIR group in April 2011, Paul Sherry describes the process of choosing and locating a turbine aircraft.
01 Sep 2011 Paul Sherry 2135
My choice of IFR aircraft (July 2011)
As a newly minted, but IFR aspiring PPL, the Socata TB20 was the aircraft of choice for Peter Holy. He describes the factors which influenced his choice, and his subsequent experience with the aircraft
01 Jul 2011 Peter Holy 2067
The Socata TBM 850 Experience (Jan 2011)
 Peter Holy gives a thorough run down on the abilities of this aircraft. As a pilot with no previous turbine experience, he describes taking one on a test flight, and compares it to the TB20
01 Jan 2011 Peter Holy 2373
The Liberty XL2 as an IFR Aircraft (Sep 2010)
New four seat IFR aircraft abound, but most of us seem to have missed the only significant new two seat IFR tourer/trainer since the C152. Owner pilot Bill Roberts describes its merits
01 Sep 2010 Bill Roberts 2009
Living with the DA42 TwinStar (Sep 2007)
Living with the DA42 TwinStar Part II; 16 months and 300 hours later, or is a twin better than a single?
01 Sep 2007 Peter Bondar 1929


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