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PPL/IR Europe supports holders of of the Instrument Rating and advocates the use of the rating to improve flight safety. We work towards making European Instrument Ratings more accessible so they can be achieved by more pilots.

This page lists articles of particular interest to pilots who do not yet have an IR, or have a foreign IR and want to convert. It is a service both to non-members and to members who are working on the IR.

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A Guide to Instrument Rating Renewals and Revalidations (Aug 2016)
Clarification of the renewal/revalidation process and the terms used.
28 Aug 2016 John Dale 3816
An Instrument Rating using your own aircraft - Martin's Story (Dec 2015)
Jim Thorpe of Rate One Aviaiton asks "What could possibly go wrong in a CBM-IR?"
04 Dec 2015 Jim Thorpe 3240
The Future of the Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating (IMC Rating) as the Instrument Rating (Restricted) (IR(R))
UK CAA announces some changes in the administrative practices by licence holders and instructors.
14 Feb 2015 Web Editor 3161
CAA GNSS Approach Training Manual
UK CAA publish CAP773, their GNSS Approach training bible
02 Sep 2018 Web Editor 2749
CAA Standards Document 1
The CAA Documentation of the IR and EIR Skills Test
26 Dec 2014 Web Editor 2512
EASA Instrument Rating - Practical Training at Gloucester Airport (Dec 2014)
22 Dec 2014 David Chambers 4336
Getting a Standalone IR Instructor Rating (Oct 2013)
The industry is expecting a great shortage of instrument instructors over the coming years and increasing demand
21 Dec 2014 Timothy Nathan 2545
Stimulating Simulating (April 2013)
A full motion configurable simulator, for less than the price of the rather pedestrian FNPT machines common in commercial IR schools
21 Dec 2014 Jim Thorpe 2139
Getting the IR - German Style (April 2013)
Roland Honel’s marathon journey to obtain his IR
25 Jun 2018 Web Editor 2287
How best to work on getting an IR now (Feb 2014)
Jim Thorpe is a PPL/IR Board Member and Owner of Rate One Aviation, a not for profit ATO dedicated to encouraging private pilots to take up instrument flying. He explains the options available today to gain an Instrument Rating.
29 Jul 2018 Jim Thorpe 12852


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