These pages report on the activities by members of the PPL/IR Europe Executive Committee.

Activities are divided into external, being the dealings with authorities and other aviation bodies which can be broadly termed lobbying activities, and internal, being the internal workings of the organisation and the contact with its members.

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Defeated by Complexity
A paper by Vasa Babic on the dangers and difficulty of over complex regulations
27 Feb 2015 Vasa Babic 2094
Channel Islands Airspace Consultation
The Channel Islands are consulting about proposals to change their airspace classification.
27 Feb 2013 Web Editor 2169
UK CAA DAP Personnel
An organisational chart of who's who and who does what in the UK CAA Directorate of Airspace Policy
11 Jan 2013 Web Editor 2217
Government Scale Down Olympics Restrictions!
Main reduction is to the length of the restrictions.
19 Jul 2011 Web Editor 2382
ATC Arrangements for Olympics 2012
NATS have announced their proposals.  Consultation papers now available.
01 Apr 2011 Web Editor 2645
Single Transition Altitude from early 2014
CAA and IAA propose a much higher common TA.
25 Jan 2011 Web Editor 3005
Future Airspace Strategy Consultation
CAA launches 14 week consultation on Future Airspace Strategy consultation
19 Nov 2010 Web Editor 2321
CDFA: Rationale from FAA
This paper gives the FAA perspective on why the CDFA should be used on NPAs
24 Jun 2012 Web Editor 2345
New FRA Lobby Group
A new website has been created to help lobby EASA about FRA regulations
25 Oct 2010 Web Editor 2421
European IFR Pilots Work For Compromise
PPL/IR Europe is hopeful that new unified standards for all IFR operations can be implemented without causing undue hardship for those who now fly under FAA certificates.
11 Oct 2010 Peter Bondar 2741


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