Instrument Flying

if you want to learn more about Instrument Flying, or even go on an instrument flight then please click one of the images below.

Our magazine Instrument Pilot is issued periodically in paper and electronic form. It announces and reviews meetings, reports on PPL/IR Europe activities, but most importantly publishes articles written by members on subjects touching upon every aspect of instrument flying. PPL/IR Europe relies heavily on membership participation in the collection and dissemination of knowledge and experience, especially for the contents of the magazine.

Back copies of Instrument Pilot are available by clicking the following image. The latest three issues are for members only and require a password, but older copies are freely available.

The magazine articles are backed up by a variety of events throughout Europe. We have had lectures on safety, regulatory, meteorological and technical issues, and have in the past been able to persuade some highly skilled and influential people to share their knowledge with us. We also arrange meetings of a more social nature at interesting venues across Europe.