Instrument Qualifications

Why obtain an Instrument Qualification?

There are few things more exhilarating, or provide the sense of freedom, than flying. Obtaining an instrument qualification helps you make the most of that freedom. It extends your flying scope and flying year; but first and foremost, it makes your flying much, much easier!

Better airspace access, easier communication

An instrument qualification allows you better access to airspace, especially at higher levels. Higher levels generally mean smoother air, better communication, fewer interactions with other airspace users. With an instrument qualification you enjoy use of the full ATM system and are looked after by Air Traffic Control more comprehensively. No more zigzagging around controlled airspace, not knowing whether ATC will grant permission to cross a particular zone… so all in all, an instrument qualification gives you more options for planning and executing your flight safely.

How to obtain

How we can help

PPL/IR Europe is the non-profit organisation that assists you with achieving — and maintaining — instrument qualifications on GA aeroplanes under EASA and UK-CAA certification. Membership in PPL/IR Europe gives you access to advice, guidance and peer support during and after obtaining your qualification.

We also work towards making European instrument qualifications more accessible so they can be obtained by many more pilots, representing your interests in the regulatory process at European level.

Got to our page Obtaining (and maintaining) an instrument qualification to see an overview of training requirements for qualifications currently open to European GA pilots. Using your instrument qualification will give you some ideas on what to do next, once you have achieved it.

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