Funding 8.33 Upgrades in G-reg Fleet

UK CAA has signed contracts with the EU will fund 20% of the cost of 8.33kHz installation, including new GNSS installations and handhelds.

There will be a maximum spend of £15k per aircraft (ie a £3k refund), so that could include a GNS, GTN or IFD installation, if members wish to install them. The entire cost will be covered, not just the 8.33 proportion.  It also includes handhelds.

The weight limit on aircraft will cover everything that member's fly.

Both hardware and installation costs are included.  There will be fairly strict auditing by the EU, so CAA will be putting various safeguards in place, but it doesn't sound like they will affect us very much.  (For example, they don't want to fund spotters' handhelds.)

It will be first-come, first served and is back dated to any installation since February 2016.  Consideration will only be given after the installation.  You cannot get "pre-clearance"; you have to spend the money, then apply for the funding.

Once the budget is spent, there will be no further funding.  The total budget is around £3m.

It is only applicable to G registered aircraft.

The deal would now seem to be sufficiently assured to go ahead with installations now in the reasonable expectation that you will get 20% back.  This is not guarantee, but is a very good bet.  Getting in early will improve the chances of not missing out.


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