8.33 Radio EASA Support Website

Please find below some information regarding the 8.33kHz radio General Aviation website which might be of interest to you:

In order to increase the awareness of the General Aviation airspace users regarding the requirements deriving from the Voice Channel Spacing Regulation (EU IR 1079/2012) with respect to 8.33kHz radio equipment mandate, Eurocontrol has put in place a special dedicated on-line platform (https://833radio.com/) with the aim to provide the GA community with:

  • Specific targeted information regarding the mandate
  • Potential exemptions and derogations in effect within the European airspace
  • Information regarding funding opportunities for radio equipment

In order to have a clear channel of communication and to be able to target the right information to the appropriate audience, your registration on the website is required. Moreover, if you are specifically interested in a potential subvention, the registration is useful as it will provide us with necessary information in terms of aircraft population, radio equipment on board in order to be able to better investigate the possibilities for funding opportunities for retro-fit.

Therefore if you are part of the GA community, own an aircraft, you are associated in a GA organization or an aero-club please follow the link below and register:

The website will evolve in the near future to provide also service in different languages as well as to feature a permanent news section.

Please feel free to disseminate this information to other interested parties.

Best regards,

Astrid Klinger-Krey
Project Assistant
European Aviation Safety Agency


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