Video Tutorials Published by the Flight Operations & Competence Working Group

In this series of video tutorials, PPL/IR’s Flight Operations & Competence Working Group gives insight and guidance on instrument flying and IFR in Europe.  Although these videos are primarily aimed at new and aspiring Instrument Pilots, Timothy has valuable tips and strategies for even seasoned instrument pilots.

Note: The videos are arranged in reverse date order so the latest videos produced are at the top of the page and earlier ones towards the bottom.

Track Pointer and Flight Path Marker

In this video, PPL/IR Europe’s Flight Operations and Competence lead, Timothy Nathan, talks about two of the most fantastic but less well-understood little aids provided with newer Electronic Flight Displays (EFDs) – also known as ‘glass cockpits’ – the ‘Track Pointer’ and ‘Flight Path Marker’. Once you see these little gems you won’t want to return to ‘steam’!

Visiting the UK

In the UK we do everything…a bit different.

This series of short videos produced by PPL/IR Europe’s Operations & Competence Working Group and narrated by Timothy Nathan with radiotelephony calls by Ruth Sampson explains what pilots really need to know when visiting the UK by light aircraft. This first video talks about ‘airspace’.


Lost Comms

Are you comfortable in the event of losing comms? Some pilots are but many are not. PPL/IR Europe’s Operations & Competence Working Group have produced this video in which Timothy Nathan explains how to safely manage a lost comms event. The TDODAR video mentioned in this video can be found here.


In this video PPL/IR Europe’s Flight Operations and Competence Working Group address the topic of ‘slots’. This covers airport slots, apron slots, Prior Permission/Notice Required (PPR/PNR) and airways slots (Calculated Take Off Time / CTOT)

Getting In and Out

This video demystifies the procedures associated with departing from different airfields from those inside controlled airspace connected to the airways system to small farm strips where ‘getting in and out’ of controlled airspace can sometimes be a challenge!

Situational Awareness – An Evidence Based Approach

This evidence-based approach was originally developed by Dr Mica Endlsey, former Chief Scientist of the United States Air Force and is presented by Paul Sherry

Briefing the Approach

How and when to brief for the approach are skills that perish very easily after the initial skills test and in between annual IR revalidations.  This video reminds all pilots operating under IFR the importance of what to brief and when.

Use of for European IFR Pilots is a free-to-use online forecasting website and app.  There are some premium features which are very useful for IFR flight planning.

Note: PPL/IR Europe has no commercial relationship with and offers no warranties.  Some members are, individually, simply satisfied users.

Workload Management for the IFR Single Pilot

This video is the next in the PPL/IR series to help European pilots improve IFR competencies. It covers how to manage workload and gives some worked scenarios.

Cockpit Connectivity

In this video, about cockpit connectivity in light aircraft, PPL/IR Europe’s Timothy Nathan focusses on IFR applications in Europe, covering:
1. Loading the avionics databases;
2. Loading the flightplan into the avionics;
3. Sharing data between the avionics and your tablet;
4. Fuel burn;
5. Traffic;
6. Getting air data for conversions;
7. Uploading weather;
8. Messaging in flight;
9. Telephony;
10. Flight tracking.

Setting Personal Minima

In this video, Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR Europe discusses setting personal minima higher than those mandated, when operating single-pilot GA aircraft under IFR in Europe.


In this video, Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR introduces one way of handling emergency and abnormal situations calmly and effectively.

Let’s Get Real

In this video, Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR talks through the reality of IFR planning and flying in Europe.

Overlay Approaches

A short introduction to using the now EASA and UK approved RNAV overlays to conventional approaches.

An Introduction to PBN

This video introduces Performance-Based Navigation, or PBN. Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR explains the fundamental concepts, introduces the acronym soup associated with PBN, and talks through how to fly PBN procedures.

Autopilots in Light GA Aircraft (Deutsch, français, español)

This video offers a very quick run-through of the autopilots we find in light aircraft.

Final Approaches

In this video, Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR explains how to fly a final approach (whether precision or non-precision) calmly, accurately and safely.


This video, prepared by Timothy Nathan, is a short introduction to flying holds in light aircraft. It’s aimed at those preparing for their instrument rating flight test, and for more experienced GA IFR qualified pilots looking for some revision.

Intercepting and tracking

An introduction to IFR tracking of NDB, VOR and GNSS on RBI, RMI, OBS, HSI and eHSI by Timothy Nathan.

Basic Instrument Flying

In this video, Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR explores the fundamentals of instrument flight, including the basic instrument scan and how reliably to fly with accuracy, precision and ease.

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