Video Tutorials by Timothy Nathan

In this series of video tutorials, PPL/IR’s Timothy Nathan gives insight and guidance on instrument flying and and IFR in Europe.  Although these videos are primarily aimed at new and aspiring Instrument Pilots, Timothy has valuable tips and strategies for even seasoned instrument pilots.

Basic Instrument Flying

In this video, Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR explores the fundamentals of instrument flight, including the basic instrument scan and how reliably to fly with accuracy, precision and ease.

Intercepting and tracking

An introduction to IFR tracking of NDB, VOR and GNSS on RBI, RMI, OBS, HSI and eHSI by Timothy Nathan.


This video, prepared by Timothy Nathan, is a short introduction to flying holds in light aircraft. It’s aimed at those preparing for their instrument rating flight test, and for more experienced GA IFR qualified pilots looking for some revision.

Final Approaches

In this video, Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR explains how to fly a final approach (whether precision or non-precision) calmly, accurately and safely.

Autopilots in Light GA Aircraft (Deutsch, français, español)

This video offers a very quick run-through of the autopilots we find in light aircraft.

An Introduction to PBN

This video introduces Performance-Based Navigation, or PBN. Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR explains the fundamental concepts, introduces the acronym soup associated with PBN, and talks through how to fly PBN procedures.

Overlay Approaches

A short introduction to using the now EASA and UK approved RNAV overlays to conventional approaches.

Let’s Get Real

In this video, Timothy Nathan of PPL/IR talks through the reality of IFR planning and flying in Europe.

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