Advisories & Information

Advisories by the Flight Operations & Competence Working Group

This collection of longer papers by our  is available to download from the Advisories Forum thread (membership in PPL/IR Europe is required). They cover a variety of foundational knowledge — navigation, planning, flying approaches etc — in greater depth to help members fly competently on instruments.

They complement our publicly accessible video tutorials and our online seminars held for PPL/IR Europe members.

There are currently 15 advisories:

  • IFR in/out of VFR Airfields
  • Understanding and Documenting the Risks
  • Portable Devices
  • Operations in reduced visibility
  • Maintaining Competence in Basic Instrument Flying
  • CDFA versus Drive’n’Drive
  • Visual and Circling Approach
  • Alternate Planning
  • Setting Personal Minima
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Fuel Management
  • High Altitude Flight
  • Use of Autopilots
  • Electronic Conspicuity
  • Self Briefing New Aircraft Type

Attending our Annual Conference is another great way of deepening your understanding of flying on instruments. We always aim for a mix of foundational and practical seminars in our breakout sessions; in 2023 we heard in-depth talks on flight planning tools, weather forecasts and human factors.

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Glossary and Foundational Knowledge *Under construction