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Instrument Pilot is the magazine of PPL/IR - Europe.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 140 (Spring 2024)

The spring 2024 issue of Instrument Pilot has two interwoven main themes: Community collaboration and greater inclusivity in GA. We aspire to diversify and broaden our membership base in the medium to longer term, and it turned out, quite by coincidence, that that was a bit of an AERO theme this year, too. In addition to an AERO roundup we introduce our new partner organisation, FEWP, report on envisaged communication and airspage use scenarios in Europe and look back at an epic adventure by a PPL/IR Europe member 20 years ago.


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Instrument Pilot Magazine 139 (Winter 2023/24)

This non-wintery winter issue of our magazine contains two trip reports to inspire your next flying season: Jim Busby takes you on a multi-stop tour of France, Italy and Germany and Peter Geldard reports on an outing to Berlin and Dresden (combined with a check list for aspiring fly-out organisers). Phil Caiger carries on the tradition of Instrument Pilot Quizzes; Andrea Lorenz takes a look at the current regulatory landscape with regard to leaded Avgas. This issue also brings you a preview of the soon-to-be-launched Instrument Pilot search webtool and a preview of 2024 events, from air shows to the Annual Conference.


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Instrument Pilot Magazine 138 (Autumn 2023)

This autumn was exceptionally kind to IFR pilots across large swathes of Europe, and we managed to make the most of it at PPL/IR Europe: see the twin reports on your Mountain Flying workshop at Salzburg LOWS (ground school & practise) by Colin Williamson and Jochen Tuchbreiter. If you are looking for another excuse to fly to Salzburg, look no further than the fly-to-walk holiday trip report by Julian Scarfe and Andrea Lorenz, covering some of the alpine lakes the PPL/IR Europe mountain workshop participants overflew. With daylight hours becoming shorter and weather less benign, many of us will be preparing to book our aircraft in for its annual; an interview with an engineer kicks off our new series of ‘light aviation portraits.’ Dusk coupled with a want-to-get-there-now attitude can have fatal consequences, as Paul Sherry reveals in his article on Situational Awareness - and lack thereof (based on his talk given at our technical conference at Bremen this July). Last but very much not least: we are hoping to broaden our German-speaking membership base in 2024; our first dual-language Chairman’s Corner by Graham Mountford sets out our plans in more detail.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 137 (Summer 2023)

This is the high season for taking to the skies: our summer issue is largely dedicated to trip reports by PPL/IR members, featuring a group excursion to Chartres (Peter Geldard) and a trip to Egypt from the Netherlands via AERO (Andre Oremus). Despite the spell of unseasonably stormy weather over NW Europe in late July, 30+ member aircraft made it to our annual conference at Bremen this year; the member with the longest journey to Bremen, Volkan Cakmakci, has written up his flight from Istanbul. In addition, Stephen Niechcial looks back on 20 years of instrument flying from his UK homebase and Andrea Lorenz takes a sceptical look at the state of ‘greening aviation’ as presented at AERO 2023. This issue also introduces the new members’ marketplace for sales & shares.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 136 (Spring 2023)

In this issue we kick off the 2023 airshow season with Sun ’n Fun: Jim Busby shares impressions and images from his visit to Florida. Nick Scarles reports on the PPL/IR Europe fly-out to the (rather rainier) Private Flyer Ireland event at Weston. More sun, anyone, maybe in Morocco, inspired by Phil Caiger’s Holiday Quiz? Julian Scarfe and Jyrki Paajanen contribute companion pieces on the state of GA regulation in Europe, one from the PPL/IR Europe, the other from the European Commission perspective. Andrea Lorenz goes in search of early feedback by a German ATO on the recent EASA Basic Instrument Rating and the new PPL/IR Europe Programme Manager Andrew Sinclair introduces himself to the membership.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 135 (Winter 2022)

IP135 - Winter 2022

In this issue Jim Thorpe shares his experiences ‘Flying in Australia’. Phil Caiger writes about ‘Gas Turbine Engines - Trend Monitoring’. Anthony Bowles shares his thoughts on ‘Winter Flying’ and on his recently installed Garmin GI275 AI. Finally, Sebastian Golze takes us to Samedan to ski.

This issue 135 also bids a kind farewell to Anthony, Phil and Graham from the Instrument Pilot Editorial Team who have manned the various aspects of the Editorial Desk for over eight years, indeed in Phil’s case for a decade. They share details of the new team and we offer them a huge thank you for their years of kind service.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 134 (Autumn 2022)

IP134 - Autumn 2022

More members are embarking on trips now as evidenced by three different travel articles in this issue. Stephen and Judith Niechcial took their Grumman tiger on a trip in July organised by member Peter Geldard to Carcassonne, Andorra and Pau. Our new chairman Graham Montford organised a trip to the Scottish Highlands and a third trip was undertaken by member, instructor and examiner, Jim Thorpe with his wife from his airstrip near Gloucester down to Lyon Bron.

Anthony Bowles shares his observations from the Private Flyer Event at Leeds East and Andrea Lorenz, who has compiled an index of all articles appearing in Instrument Pilot editions over the last twenty years, has been inspired to write an article “Looking in, looking back”.

Finally, Jim Thorpe shares some views on Mentour Pilot and pens an obituary for the late David Tucker. Colin Williamson also writes his final Chairman's Corner piece, as he passes the baton to Graham. We thank him for his service and leadership.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 133 (Summer 2022)

IP133 - Summer 2022

High summer has arrived with its longer, brighter days for more flying with the headwinds of covid now slackening. This issue reflects on the PPL/IR Europe’s annual meeting in Ostend on 10-12th June 2022 with an in-depth view of what was discussed, with Sebastian Golze and Wolfgang Oestreich kindly sharing a synopsis of their presentations while for others, Craig Warmington and John Shannon, summaries of the various discussions as well as capturing some of the social scene around the formal presentations. This issue also includes Jim Thorpe’s piece on safe instrument approaches into unmanned airstrips based on his own airstrip at Ross in Herefordshire, and our regular introduction from our Chairman, Colin Wiiliamson, plus a welcome to our newest members.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 132 (Spring 2022)

IP132 - Spring 2022

This edition contains a number of training related items: Charles Drayson on tackling the CBIR Theoretical knowledge exams, Aydin Kurt-Eli on his experience achieving the CPL and finally by Jim Thorpe on a vital part of your aircraft – screws – and also nuts, bolts and lock washers. David Wood shares his cautionary tale on confirmation bias and Anthony Bowles shares his recent flight above the clouds to the sunshine.


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Instrument Pilot Magazine 131 (Winter 2021)

In this issue: Jim Thorpe, as an IRE, continues part two in how best to prepare for the flight test required for conversion of an FAA IR to UK CAA IR, Colin Williamson, who recently successfully passed his IR conversion test, relates his training and test experience in doing just this. Lars-Henrik Eriksson shares a very helpful guide, combined with his own personal experience, of flying in uncontrolled airspace in Sweden. Sebastian Golze, in part two of flying in Courchevel, describes how to arrive there in style (or at least safely). Phil Caiger presents us with another quiz with a wintry flavour to one of the questions and finally, Craig Warmington gives us a Pilots Guide to Birmingham (EGBB).

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 130 (Autumn 2021)

IP130 - Autumn 2021
IP130 - Autumn 2021

In this issue: Jim Thorpe as an IRE has written two articles setting out how best to train for the UK/EASA IR initial test when converting from FAA IR to UK/EASA IR, Sebastian Golze writes the first of two parts on learning to fly from Courchevel altiport in his Piper Meridian, Phil Caiger reviews the recent LAA rally at Sywell, Craig Warmington gives us a pilot report on Aberdeen airfield and John Thorogood comments on two articles in the Summer IP. Finally, Graham Whittle has penned a short piece on a friend’s acquisition of the new Extra NG.


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Instrument Pilot Magazine 129 (Summer 2021)

Instrument Pilot Magazine 129

In this issue Craig Warmington writes about a pitot tube icing incident over the Massif Centrale, David Clarkson writes about an intriguing problem with his further upgraded Garmin autopilot and Sebastian Golze relates how he achieved RVSM certification for his Piper Meridian. We have the regular quiz, a pilot's guide to Jersey (EGJJ) by Graham Whittle, and an update from our Chairman.


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Instrument Pilot Magazine 128 (Spring 2021)

Instrument Pilot 128

Flying, for most of us, has been rather restricted so far this year and as such very few articles have been submitted but we hope we have still managed to create an interesting read in which Jim Busby writes about running his flying school during the pandemic, Jim Thorpe discusses flight simulator training and Julian Scarfe tells us more about the workings of EASA. We also have another thought provoking scenario to discuss courtesy of Alan Evans and finally, Craig Warmington interviews Paul Buckley on Wingly.


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Instrument Pilot Magazine 127 (Winter 2020)

Instrument Pilot 127

In this issue, Robin Balen completes his narrative on gaining his PPL and completing his Cirrus Jet rating within a year, Jim Thorpe has part 2 of his avionics upgrade project while David Chambers writes about keeping your FAA IFR rating current on a simulator. Alan Evans has another of his flying decision making articles; on a similar theme, Anthony Bowles writes an introductory guide to winter flying and also in the new Pilot’s Notes series, introduces La Rochelle. Finally Phil Caiger has compiled an aeronautical crossword.


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Instrument Pilot Magazine 126 (Autumn 2020)

Instrument Pilot 126

Having majored on flight simulators in the previous issue, in this one we cover how two pilots went from initial first PPL lesson to capable pilots flying sophisticated aircraft in just a year, picking up a full Instrument Rating on the way. On a related training theme, Alan Evans has devised a mock weather scenario flight into Calais based on an actual refresher training flight made some years ago. Watch out for Alan's thread on the Forum to discuss further. Jim Thorpe writes about his approach to avionics upgrades.

John Vahgatsi writes his views on how you can best prepare your aircraft, and indeed yourself, for when the time comes when you need to sell “your baby”. Craig Warmington starts a new series, a “Pilot’s Guide”, this time with St Mary’s in the Scilly Isles (EGHE). Craig will also be establishing a page on the Forum for discussion. Graham’s quiz also takes us to St Mary’s, plus the latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 125 (Summer 2020)

Instrument Pilot 125

In this issue we give our respects to Bill Tollett, whom many knew and will miss; we explore the world of flight simulators and home training from David Chambers, Timothy Nathan and Dave Pickering.  Jim Busby and Graham Montford provide their insights into safeguarding our aircraft and in particular, its engine(s), during downtime and David Pollock informs us how we may acquire a seaplane rating. Graham Whittle keeps us on our toes with another RNP approach this time at Doncaster (EGCN), plus the latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 124 (Spring 2020)

Instrument Pilot 124

In this issue we receive an update from the Operations and Competence Working Group, Timothy Nathan provides details of changes to Farnborough's Controlled Airspace, Phil Caiger shares his experiences flying the Piper M600, Jim Busby gives more insights into aircraft maintenance - this time on Zero Time Overhauls and Engine Management, Anthony Bowles shares a cautionary tale for pilots and Jim Thorpe gives us an insight into the early days for his Piper PA-31. We get to enjoy Anthony Bowles Weekender trip to Antwerp, plus the regular quiz, latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 123 (Winter 2019)

Instrument Pilot 123

In this issue we receive an update from the Membership, Sales and Marketing Group regarding the PPL/IR Europe brand, Peter Geldard shares his experience flying over the Alps, Neil McGovern educates us on General Aviation Improvements in Navigation and Surveillance (GAINS) and Phil Caiger shares some insights on the latest authothrottle enhancement in the TBM940. If that wasn't plenty enough, we also read about David Clarkson's experiences of aircraft ownership, Jim refreshes us on 'flying the hold', Lyn Hartman extols the benefits of fly2help, Stephen and Judith Niechcial provide this month's 'Weekender trip to The Frisian Islands', you will get a first chance to fill your 2020 diaries with the events scheduled, plus the regular quiz, latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 122 (Autumn 2019)

Instrument Pilot Magazine Issue 122

In this issue we read about the recent visit to the Cranfield Digital Tower, more updates on Paul Sherry's Seneca restorations, 'The First Flight', Hans Gutmann's trip to Israel, Graham Whittle's 'Weekender trip to Bruges', Jim Thorpe details the conversion from a FAA IR to an EASA IR, plus the regular quiz, latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 121 (Summer 2019)

Instrument Pilot 121

In this issue we read about the PPL/IR - Europe Spring Meeting in Ostend, Paul Sherry's progress update on his Seneca restorations, Trevor Laundy shares some insights of his early flying days, Jim Thorpe writes about the Basic Instrument Rating (BIR), Jim Thorpe continues with more useful insights into aircraft maintenance, and a short piece on fuel duty drawback claims, feedback from Friedrichshafen plus the regular quiz, latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 120 (Spring 2019)

In this issue we read about the PPL/IR - Europe seminar on Standard Operating Procedures for single pilot IFR, one member's fly-out to Morocco, one member's project to rebuild a Seneca twin, detailed analysis of an IFR accident, discuss the anatomy of a TMA bust, hark back to the HO Wills Flying Scholarship plus the regular quiz, latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 119 (Winter 2018)

In this issue we read about the PPL/IR - Europe fly-out to Italy and Macedonia, one member's fly-out to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one member's love for his Cessna Crusader, refresh on the Standard Beam Approach, receive an insight into our unsung heroes, our engineers, we introduce the Representation, Advocacy and Partnership (RAP) Working Group, plus the regular quiz, latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 118 (Autumn 2018)

In this issue we read one member's experience in obtaining the CBIR, learn how to choose a suitable alternative aerodrome,  read one member's fly-out from Tarbes to Santiago, and another member's fly-out to Quimper, share some highlights from the recent PPL/IR - Europe fly-out to Gdansk, we introduce the Competence and Operations Working Group, receive a practical guide to 'breaking-in brakes', plus the regular quiz, latest news and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 117 (Summer 2018)

In this issue we read about the practical aspects of hypoxia, some lessons learned by one member for all our benefit, help you take that first step towards buying a TBM, part two into 'Owning and Maintaining an Aircraft, we introduce the Communications Working Group, share some notes from the recent Spring Conference and AGM, read about one member's fly-out to fair Verona, plus the regular quiz, latest news for instrument private pilots and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 116 (Spring 2018)

In this issue we read part two of one member's trip from the UK to Trinidad and back, we introduce the PPL/IR - Europe Working Groups, begin a series into 'Owning and Maintaining an Aircraft', help you take that first step into becoming an Instrument Rated Examiner, share some notes from the recent 'Airspace Infringements Awareness' course, plus the regular quiz, latest news for instrument private pilots and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 115 (Winter 2017)

In this issue we read about the recent fly-out tour of the Balkans, a reminder guide to hand propping,  part one of one member's trip from the UK to Trinidad and back in a Cessna 421, notes from the recent PBN Conference, GTN tips and tricks, one member's review of a recent fly-out to Losinj, Croatia and the regular quiz, latest news for instrument private pilots and an update from the Chairman.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 114 (Autumn 2017)

In this issue we read about the Piper PA46 Malibu Mirage, study numerical weather prediction, a summary of the excellent Advanced Pilot Seminar and take the weekend off in the Isle of Skye Scotland.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 113 (Summer 2017)

In this issue we read about the Beechcraft Bonanza, a report of our Spring Meeting, a weekend in Dresden and the second part of a longer trip from Montreal to Tiblisi.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 112 (Spring 2017)

In this issue we read about the Diamond DA40, the Aspen Evolution 1000, a weekend in Alderney and the first part of a longer trip from Montreal to Tiblisi.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 111 (Winter 2016)

In this issue, read about the Piper PA30 Twin Comanche, trips to Iceland and Croatia, and how anyone can get an Instrument Rating or what it takes to become an Instrument Rating Instructor.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 110 (Autumn 2016)

In this issue we read about the Liberty/Discovery XL-2, visit Siljan Air Park, discuss RNAV approaches and go back to basics to learn how to land

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 109 (Summer 2016)

In this issue, we read about the Cessna P210N Silver Eagle, touring in Africa and meetings at Aeroexpo Friedrichshafen and the Spring Meeting/AGM.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 108 (Spring 2016)

In this issue, we read about the Cirrus SR22, weekenders to Arnsberg and Mohnesee, the evolution of satellite navigation, part 3 of the series on cockpit weather and reflections on 60 years of private flying.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 107 (Winter 2015/2016)

In this issue, we read about the Cessna 172, weekender trip to Chambery, contrast the progress of  LPV approaches between US and UK, cockpit resource management and part 2 of our series on cockpit weather.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 106 (Autumn 2015)

In this issue, read about the Mooney M20M, unusual attitudes, weekender trip to Gleneagles in Scotland and a PPL/IR summer flyout to Heidelberg.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 105 (Summer 2015)

In this issue, read about the Grumman AA5, weekend trip to the Faroes to see the solar eclipse, a tour of  whisky distilleries in the scottish highlands and our annual spring meeting.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 104 (Spring 2015)

In this issue, read about the Cessna turbo 206H, a Daher-Socata factory tour and TBM900 test flight and a review of the Avidyne IFD540

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 103 (Winter 2014)

In this issue, read about the Socata TB21 Trinidad, flight training for an Instrument Rating, converting a FAA IR to an EASA IR, trip to Bologna, Italy  and how Jeppessen Charts have changed over the years.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 102 (May - August 2014)

In this issue, read about trips to Colmar, France and  to Kenya, the latest on EGNOS, training in obtaining the Instrument Rating (Part 1 of 2) and an ADL110 Flight Test Report.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 101 (March & April 2014)

2014 - InstrumentPilot101_Page_01.jpg

In this issue, read part 2 of an Atlantic crossing from Gloucester to Tulsa in a Cessna 421C and details of upcoming meetings and events.

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Instrument Pilot Magazine 100 (January & February 2014)

In this issue, read about regulatory changes affecting the future of the Instrument Rating, technical explanations of ADS-B/TCAS and a North Atlantic crossing from Gloucester to Tulsa in a Cessna 421C Golden Eagle.

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Earlier editions of Instrument Pilot Magazine can be downloaded from our magazine archive page.