Using your Instrument Qualification

Congratulations — your licence has been endorsed for flying on instruments ....and now?

The transition from flying VFR to flying regularly on instruments can be daunting.  You master the TK, pass your skill test covering a reasonable range of scenarios ... and then real life takes off and over. As a member of PPL/IR Europe lots of peer support, advice and guidance is available to you that will help you make the most of your new qualification.

You have questions about flight planning, weather, precision approaches, aircraft selection, equipment choices, how GA-friendly a specific destination is? Chances are, another member of the PPL/IR Europe community has been in a compatible situation or to this particular destination and can offer you insights from their own experience.

This accumulated experience can be accessed in two formats, informal peer-to-peer exchange and curated knowledge. Check out our

The introductory guide below is a sample of the kind of document we compile to assist our members in becoming confident instrument-qualified pilots.

Introduction to private IFR practice