Events are a great way to meet other private pilots interested in instrument flying. Regardless of your experience or membership status, whether you own an aircraft or not, or even if you are not a pilot, you are welcome to join. By flying with other experienced pilots you have the ability to meet new people and learn new skills and ways to safely fly IFR. We hope to see you at an event soon.

Risk Management Presentation and Discussion - 28 January 1800UTC

Risk Management

Risk Management is an element of the Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM) skill set; SRM also includes task and workload management, situational awareness and automation management etc.
Poor risk management is the root cause or major contributory cause of most fatal General Aviation accidents. The Single pilot needs to provide the risk management disciplines that normally are provided by a dispatcher, copilot and Standard Operating Procedures in Commercial Air Transport.
Good Risk management should result in the pilot taking no unnecessary or unacceptable risks.

This event will be hosted by John Shannon, see below for details. Questions and comments will be encouraged from participants throughout the discussion.

Channel: Zoom (to follow shortly)
Maximum participants: 30
Start Time: 1800UTC
Duration: 60 minutes

Key Topics

  1. Definitions of Risk
  2. Risk Identification
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Risk Mitigation
  5. Other Risk Mitigation Strategies
  6. Conclusion and General Discussion

We hope you will be able to join us at this event - risk management is a key element that enables PPL/IR Europe pilots to safely go together further.

Avionics Seminar in Salzburg on 27 March 2021 hosted by COPA

As many members will be aware, the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) runs a range of training events through its Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program (CPPP). COVID permitting, it will run a one-day seminar on avionics in Salzburg on Saturday 27 March 2021 and have invited PPL/IR Europe members to participate. While run by COPA, the workshop will cover other types like Cessna, Mooney, Piper or Diamond / TBM etc.


Details of the event (in Germany only, sorry) are here, together with a link for registration:

CPPP Avionics Seminar 6

This time the workshop is presented in German language only. If it is a success, COPA may provide it next year in English. Indeed, the PPL/IR Europe Board is exploring opportunities for working with other like-minded pilot organisations in Europe so I'm delighted to announce this as the first product of the initiative.

Michael Hochenrieder, who hosted us so well for a social weekend in 2017, is part of the CPPP team and should be able to address any questions you might have.

Overnight in Troyes, France 23-25 April 2021

LFQBFollowing the popularity and success of the two previous “Over-Nighter” events in Abbeville and Cherbourg Maupertus, the Pilots and Friends of Rochester Airport (PAFRA) are organising another trip (for the third time because of Covid!). This time, to Troyes Barberey.

Troyes Barberey [LFQB]

TroyesA reminder of the concept: Between the Monthly One-Day Fly-outs organised by PAFRA, and the Whole Week Tour Peter organises each summer, there is clearly a place in our Flying Calendar for an “Over-Nighter” i.e. 24 hours away with a one-night stay somewhere. A place where we can relax together in a convenient nearby hotel, have a meal (+ drink without the worry about having to fly again too soon!), an evening where we can share ‘hangar talk’ etc.,  and/or just ‘chill out’.

This is an invitation to ALL pilots & friends — not limited to those based at Rochester and certainly including friends in PPL/IR - Europe.

For more details on the event, and how to book your accommodation, please click the link below.

Troyes Overnighter 2021 (106 downloads)

PAFRA Summer Trip Carcassone, Andorra & Pau 12-17 July 2021

Peter Geldard is repeating his highly successful 'Pilots and Friends of Rochester Airport (PAFRA)' Summer trip. Once again, this is the second week of July. This year - our 20th Anniversary Year - we are going to:

Carcassone, Andorra & Pau


As before, the trip is arranged in easy stages so pilots/planes can join us for whatever period they like. There is no obligation to do the whole trip. Likewise, although an outline programme is proposed, everyone is entirely free to use their time as they wish. The trip, as always, is not restricted to pilots/planes from Rochester/Lydd  but is open to all. Help and assistance is offered for those unfamiliar with foreign travel and flight.

This is an invitation to ALL pilots & friends — not limited to those based at Rochester and certainly including friends in PPL/IR - Europe.

For more details on the event please click the link below.

PAFRA Summer Trip 2021 (30 downloads)