Board and Working Groups

PPL/IR Board

The Board are responsible for the governance and finances of the organisation and take fiduciary responsibility for PPL/IR Europe.

Chairman – Colin Williamson
Deputy Chairman – Julian Scarfe
Secretary & Treasurer – Ian Chandler
Board Member – Timothy Nathan
Board Member – Alan South

PPL/IR Working Groups

There are several working groups focussing on individual areas of interest and operation. Working Group leaders listed below report to the board. PPL/IR is a voluntary organisation and members are encouraged to participate in whichever group(s) they feel most suited to – just contact the group leader to discuss further.

Marketing, Sales and Membership: Ian Chandler
Events: Jim Busby
Communications, IT and Advice: Matthew Lavy
Flight Operations and Competence: Timothy Nathan
Airfields and Infrastructure: Ed Bellamy
Representation, Advocacy and Partnering: Julian Scarfe
Instrument Pilot Magazine is edited by Anthony Bowles, Graham Whittle and Phil Caiger.

Membership Administration

This website provides most of the information required for prospective members, and accepts payment for registration and renewal. The process is overseen by Sali Gray who maintains our membership database, issues Air Crew cards and other correspondence. If anyone would like to discuss membership issues please eMail with a telephone number and convenient contact times and a member of the committee will call you within a couple of days.

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